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A wraparound extension will provide much-needed extra room for your current home. These L-shaped extensions combine a front or back extension with a side return extension to form an L-shaped extension.Wraparound extensions are usually more difficult to build than regular side or rear extensions, but they have more room and complete versatility. You’ll find it far easier to rearrange the layout of your entire home to accommodate your needs with a wraparound extension. You can also eliminate entire corners of the current space with a bit of clever design to breathe life into your home with an enticing and spacious open-plan living area.

Why opt for an L-Shaped Extension?

This style of house extension is ideal for those that need significantly more space without having to relocate. Many who were proposing a double-story extension but were rejected by planning might find that a single-story wraparound extension is more acceptable to their local planning authority.

If you want to expand the size of your dining room, living room, or kitchen, a wraparound extension is a good option. The architectural solutions are virtually unlimited, limited only by the design capability and vision. From complete floor remodels to the installation of new rooms or the boxing-off/splitting of existing rooms, the creative possibilities are virtually limitless.

Do I Need Planning Permission for an L-Shaped Extension?

While each council’s planning policies vary, it’s worth remembering that most (if not all) big L-shaped extensions would require planning approval from the local authority. You should apply and wait for the results before moving on with your plans. Starting construction without the necessary permissions could be expensive if your application is rejected, and you’ll have to undo any work you’ve already done.

Don’t Sacrifice Garden Space

For an L-shaped extension, you won’t have to relinquish as much green space as you will with a regular rear extension. If you live in a heavily populated city, this is ideal because it helps you to use otherwise empty space in the alleyway to the side of your house.

How Much Does A Wraparound Extension Cost?

The size of the expansion, the amount of glazing required, the degree of structural work needed, the hourly rates of your contractors, material costs, and legal fees are all factors that may influence the cost.
The average L-shaped extension costs about £40,000 , but it’s worth considering as an investment since an extension will add significant value to your house.

Bring in the Experts

Call Bradshaw Contracts Ltd today for help and advice on planning an L-shaped extension.
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We are here to help to create your ideal space and make the process of improving your home an easy one.

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