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Bradshaw Contracts Ltd are specialist house extension builders, based in Glasgow, Scotland. We also design and build many incredible house extensions, whether it’s been adding to your exciting home structure with a two-story side extension elevation or a kitchen extension even a larger spacious bathroom, we are here to help create your ideal space living space and make sure the process of improving your home an easy one. We can help you build and design your home extension, from the foundations too the complete build. We will organise your architects' drawings for you and advice you all the way through the experience of building your own home extension.

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Extensions for our homes are more popular than ever before as our property prices rise and families in and around Glasgow Lanarkshire want to get more out of their homes without having to move. Bradshaw extension builders will give you options for improving the space for your home and can change your way of life, giving you more freedom and flexibility, without moving home. We are a design and build company that can quote your double or single extension. No matter how much you can love your home, chances are there comes a time in your family's lifetime you’ll be needing more space. When it comes to that time in your growing family, there's two choices: Sell your house and buy a bigger house, or simply add a home extension to the home you already have. Our builders at Bradshaw contracts ltd Glasgow have years of experience providing home extension solutions for homes across Glasgow and Lanarkshire, Dumbarton, Helensburgh, Motherwell etc.

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We have a comprehensive selection of services that are tailored to your specific needs. Our ventures are overseen by an experienced team with expertise in the following areas:

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  • Quality Renovation
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